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Valley of the Moon Ojai Yoga Retreat | Catered by:

(Food pop-up & catering services)

We're passionate about celebrating life through delicious, wholesome Latino-inspired food. Our goal is to craft plates that are not just meals, but reflections of the vibrant Latino cuisine we grew up with. Inspired by the rich culinary traditions of our heritage, aim to create dishes that celebrate the diverse flavors, textures, and colors ingrained in our upbringing. Healthy and delicious don't have to be mutually exclusive! We can't wait for you to try what we have to offer.


Ines Vagu
(Executive Chef & Co-founder)

Passionate chef: Our co-founder and culinary mastermind, Ines brings a wealth of experience to the tabe, having previously served celebrities as a private chef. Today, she uses her Latino heritage and newfound knowledge from her nutrition science with dietetics degree. The result? Delicious and healthy plates that are as good for you as they are flavorful.

Ximena Vagu
(Creative Director & Co-founder)

Creative visionary: The creative magic behind Momos, Ximena is our co-founder and artistic powerhouse, she brings our love for food, art, and culture to life through stunning visuals. She's also the mastermind behind our events, ensuring every experience is as exciting as it is delicious. When she is not designing, you might find her in the kitchen alongside Ines ensuring every dish is a masterpiece.

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